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As a general rule, documents generated and records kept by the City are public records and available upon request. The Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) provides several exceptions to the general rule.

Begin by clicking the link for a Request for Public Information Form which, when fully completed, should be filed with the City Secretary. (You can also submit an online request for information.) If the document requested is subject to being disclosed and thus available to the public, the City will provide your copy promptly. Be as specific as possible concerning the document or type of document you are seeking. TPIA does not require the City to generate information in a format other than in the format in which the document is originally generated. Note should be made that TPIA allows the City to charge a fee for time and copying expense for voluminous production of public records. The City has the obligation to identify the expense in such instances prior to your incurring the obligation to pay the expense. If the City believes the documents requested are exempted by law from disclosure, it is the City’s obligation to seek verification of the exemption from the Office of the Attorney General of Texas and you will be notified that the City has requested the verification.

With regard to request for Body Worn Camera Video, these requests must be made in writing.  Texas State law requires that public requests for videos must contain the following:

  1. The date and time
  2. Location
  3. Name of one or more persons known to be the subject of the recording.
Police may not release any part of a video made in a private space or a recording of a misdemeanor punishable by fine only, without written permission from the person involved.

It is a crime to release video without permission from agency.

A video of use of deadly force by an officer or the investigation of an officer cannot be released to the public until all criminal and administrative processes have been completed.  A law enforcement agency may release a video if the agency determines that release of the video advances a law enforcement purpose.

Cost is $10.00 for each body cam recording and a flat fee of $1.00 per minute of footage required to be reviewed. 1 TAC Section 70.13.


Questions concerning requests for public records may be directed to the City Secretary, Jessica Sutter.
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