Animal Protection

Animal Protection defends threatened animals from abuse or neglect. Our Animal Control Officer works closely with law enforcement to contain or help aggressive animals that threaten the community.

Cruelty Investigation:
If you witness or suspect an act of animal cruelty or inhumane treatment in Breckenridge, please call the police or Animal Control Officer at (254)559-2211.

Animal Bites:
If a person has been attacked, bitten, or scratched by an animal (domestic or wild), and needs emergency care, call 9-1-1. If the person has been attacked, bitten, or scratched but emergency care is not required, please call (254)559-2211 to report the incident.

State law requires all animal bites be reported to police or Animal Control. The rabies virus is a serious threat to animals and humans. Animal owners of dogs involved in bite cases will have to provide proof of current rabies vaccination to Animal Control. An animal believed to have bitten or scratched someone will be quarantined for a minimal period of ten days and observed by a veterinarian for signs of rabies regardless of vaccination status.
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