Community Development

Community Development refers to facilitating, organizing, and
directing the city’s growth and development. 
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The City of Breckenridge's Community Development strives to create a community where all residential and commercial properties are designed, constructed, and maintained by emphasizing orderly development, compatible land use, quality materials, safeguarding public health, and is an aesthetically pleasing city that encourages community pride, protect public health and well being, and maintains property values and as a result, helps cultivate economic development for the good of the entire community.

We work towards the goals and vision laid out by the City Commission, the City of Breckenridge Comprehensive Plan, and the City Ordinance.  Community Development handles several areas:

  • Building Services (Permitting and Inspections)
  • Code Compliance
  • Planning

Planning & Zoning
Planning and Zoning is an integral part of Community Development. The goal of Planning & Zoning activities is to help in the regulation and control of design, quality of materials, land use, building use, and location of residential and commercial development within the City. Another goal is to safeguard property and public welfare through the City's Zoning Ordinances. 

The general process of land development includes : 

Zoning - Determining the current zoning designation and if the intended use matches.
Preliminary Plat - Land must be legally defined. The purpose of the preliminary plat process is to legally define the subdivision of any land, whether it is a one-acre tract being divided into two or a 100-acre tract being divided into several hundred individual lots or if the land is being combined together.
Final Plat - The details of the plat including but not limited to; drainage information, culverts, roads, right-of-ways, streets, easements, location, and contextual location of surrounding and abutting land.
Site Plan - includes further details of how the site will be laid out and include the following, but not limited to; site circulation, parking, grading, utilities, screening/landscaping, engineering for streets and utilities, and drainage.
Schedule of Fees - can be found in APPENDIX A - FEE SCHEDULE of the City's Code of Ordinances.

Building Inspections and Permitting

Certificate of Occupancy


Applications for Preliminary Plats and Final Plats should be submitted to our Community Development Department (
Application is not completed until the corresponding fee is paid.

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