Rules and Regulations

Cemetery Marker - History
The City of Breckenridge, a municipal corporation, hereinafter referred to as the City,
owner of a cemetery to be hereafter known as Breckenridge Cemetery on portions of
a tract of land described in a deed to said City, recorded in Volume 259, Page 333, and
being on a plat, recorded in the County Clerk’s Office of Stephens County, Texas, which
plat is hereby referred to and made a part hereof, and having laid off or to be laid off
walkways, parks, parkways, private driveways, and lots as indicated in the said plat for
the use of the present and future owners of lots in said cemetery, but not for the public
use, and contemplating the filing of additional plats showing extensions and other
subdivisions of land and all of said additional plats when filed shall become a part
hereof, and having in mind making improvements which will be necessary or beneficial
in the operation of said Breckenridge Cemetery, and providing for the perpetual care
of the lots sold by said City, and the parkways, walkways, private driveways and the
other improvements therein for the purpose of perpetuating said cemetery, does
hereby declare the following rules and regulations and provision to be in effect,
subject to which the lots are sold and conveyed, and does hereby make the hereinafter
agreement and covenants in behalf of purchasers of lots of said City.

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